Lactate Assay Kit II (100 assays)


Use: sufficient for 100 colorimetric tests

Detection method: colorimetric

Storage temperature: −20 ° C

Related categories: Metabolism test kits

General description

L (+) – Lactate is a metabolic compound formed in animals by the action of the enzyme lactate dehydrogenase. Lactate is produced in proliferating cells and during anaerobic conditions such as exercise. Abnormally high levels of lactate have been associated with pathological conditions such as cancer, diabetes, and lactate acidosis. L (+) – Lactate is the main stereoisomer of lactate formed in human intermediate metabolism and is present in the blood at levels around 1-2 mmol / L. This kit provides a convenient means of detecting L (+) – Lactate in biological samples.


Lactate Assay Kit II has been used to measure lactate levels in samples.


Suitable for detecting L (+) – Lactate in culture medium, fermentation medium, blood, and cells.


The lactate concentration is determined by an enzymatic assay, which results in a colorimetric product (450 nm), proportional to the lactate present. There is no need for sample pretreatment or purification. Typical detection sensitivities are between 0.02 and 10 mM lactate.

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